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Discover the Caldera Island

Santorini is a picturesque island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Cyclades archipelago. It is also called the Lost Atlantis – many believe that Santorini is that sunken city. From the north to the south, the island is surrounded by cultural attractions and traditional Mediterranean architecture. The Golden Grey Goose Hotel Apartments is ideally located amidst all the entertainment venues. The famous Red Beach is 8 km from Golden Grey Goose Apartments, while the beautiful White Beach is 7 km away

Holidays in Santorini can be quite varied: active, beach, sightseeing, etc. Much attention is paid to the development of the infrastructure in Santorini. Here you will find a wide selection of restaurants and cafes serving local cuisine, nightclubs with loud music, famous beaches with colorful volcanic sand and many shops. Winemaking is one of the hobbies of the people of Santorini. For 3,500 years, people have been growing amazing grapes with a unique taste thanks to the lack of rain and the volcanic soil. Santorini has a particular grape variety – Assyrtiko, which allows it to produce excellent wines

How to get to Santorini
Reach the Cyclades

By air

Santorini National Airport located north of the village of Kamari. With regular flights from Athens. Flight duration from Athens to Santorini is about 30 minutes. During summer, Sky Express connects Santorini with other popular islands such as Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos. During the months of July and August flies from Thessaloniki.

By sea

Take the ferry from Piraeus past Paros and Naxos to the new port of Athinios on Santorini. There is also daily connection between Heraklion and Santorini during high season. If you prefer traveling by sea, your best bet is high-speed catamarans. The trip from Pireaus to Santorini takes 4.5hrs with a high speed ferry.

Unravel Santorini’s Treasures

The island of Santorini features an amazing range of villages, all with a unique character and exceptional vibe. Let’s take a look at the most popular of them:


The pearl of Santorini is Thira. The capital is located in the western part of the island at an altitude of 260 meters above the sea level and has a developed infrastructure. Every corner of the city breathes history, from carefully preserved ancient temples to impressive museums. You can get lost among snow-white buildings, openwork balconies and unimaginable descents and ascents


Be careful not to go crazy with the stunning whitewashed houses perched on sheer cliffs and impressive views of the bay. Relax and enjoy the picturesque areas and authentic Cycladic architecture


Just 2 kilometers from Golden Grey Goose there is a small village on top of a cliff that offers the most magnificent sunset views. Don’t miss the opportunity to stroll along the famous walking trail that leads past the ruins of the Venetian fortress of Skaros to the top of the cliff and to the church of Theoskepasti on its western side

Unravel Santorini’s Treasures

The explosion of Santorini’s volcano accounts for the island’s amazing volcanic formation and unique beaches. Here are the top 3:

Red Beach

It is impossible not to visit the most famous beach of Santorini – Red Beach. Famous for its futuristic red sand and amazing cliffs plunging to the foot of the water


The beach stretches for more than three kilometers. It is impressive by its size and shiny black sand. An ideal place not only to enjoy the crystal clear sea, but also have a delicious meal in a local cafe, which can be found literally at every turn.

White beach

A beach of unique beauty, surrounded by white cliffs. This small bay with black pebbles that contrasts with the white ones around creates an unimaginable impression, the crystal clear water is very tempting for a refreshing swim.

Unravel Santorini’s Treasures

The island of Santorini is filled with sights and attractions not to be missed. Be sure to visit the most popular of them:

The volcano

What is it like to visit Vulcan Island and not see the volcano up close? In order to be enchanted by the volcanic formations to the fullest, take an sightseeing trip to three islands – Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirassia.

Ancient Thira

Embark on a journey to the past, visit the Agora, the sanctuary of Artemidos, the Temple of Dionysos, the theater, the sanctuary of Apollo and the Necropolis in Ancient Thira


Immerse yourself in the ancient history of the excavated city. Walk through an ancient civilization and explore the history of a Bronze Age Cycladic settlement.

Visit the Folklore, Prehistoric and Archaeological Museums, the Gizi Mansion, the hot springs, the renowned Santorini wineries, the medieval fortress of Kasteli and Monastery of Profitis Ilias in Pyrgos and don’t forget to ride a donkey up and down the Caldera.

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