“Kamari” black beach

Though the beaches of the island of Santorini are not tourist centres, this is where one can really relax. And a vivid example of that is “Kamari” black beach, which is a kind of legacy of the past associated with the volcano. This is not the only “black beach” on the island, but the best known is “Kamari”. In many respects, large size helped that part of the coast to become a place of interest.

A fine black sand is always under the feet of tourists. However, nothing will come of sprawling out on the beach – the sand is densely mixed with pebbles. And will you have time to sunbathe? Different water sports are practicing on the beach; they can take you a good part of time. More than that, a small village with the same name of Kamari has developed along the coast. Nowadays it is a kind of tourist beach centre. You can find everything in it, from shops and souvenirs to hotels, bars and other entertainment venues.

Though many tourists visit the beach, you can always find a quiet nook where you can really stay alone with nature. You can get to that wonderful place by direct bus from Thira – the capital of Santorini.