Oia City

Oia is the northernmost city on the island of Santorini. A small romantic place is also called other name: Ia. Since 2011 it has become a part of municipality of Santorini.

Though the city itself is a kind of the island tourist attraction, there are also many places worth visiting. That only is the Naval Museum or half-ruined castle known as “Fort Londsa”.

This romantic corner is just created for leisure and interesting time spending. It is characterized by narrow streets with lots of stairs, walls and blind alleys. You can find the old mills, arches and domes in it. Moreover, availability of small budget hotels allows absolutely everyone to stay in this beautiful corner on the brink of Santorini.

It is worth noting that most of the island visiting tourist photographs are the photographs from Oia. Especially expected of them are indescribable sunsets, that can be seen in the Western part of the city. Just there a magnificent view of the bay of Ammoudi opens. Many people also like to visit the Eastern part of the city – it also offers excellent view of the bay of Armenia, but without the sunsets.

Zest of paradise place is lack of vehicle traffic; it is prohibited in the city. You can travel by car only from the centre to the fishing port of Ammoudi. It is simply impossible to not to get to Oia visiting the island of Santorini.